Tumbleweed is based in Brussels and a collaboration between the Swiss choreographer and dancer Angela Rabaglio and French choreographer/dancer and musician Micaël Florentz. Both were brought through different ways to the field of choreography and are completing each other in their backgrounds. 2017 they founded their company and started researching and establishing their proper artistic vision. THE GYRE is their first production and defines already extensively their choreographic interests and ambitions. Inspired mainly by their travels, the science and the philosophy, they develop step by step their own movement language.

Angela Rabaglio (CH)

is a freelance dancer / choreographer and living in Brussels, with origins from Switzerland. She absolved her education as a dancer at the AHK in Amsterdam (de Theaterschool; MDT), and obtained 2013 her Bachelor diploma in contemporary dance. Upon that she created her first Solo (wind-up birds and polaroids) with which she performed at several festivals in Europe. Since several years she has been dancing wit the Company Alias in Geneva (Guilherme Botelho), as well as more recently with the Company Autre MiNa in Montpellier (Mitia Fedotenko) and in the new creation of the Company d’Ici Bas in Switzerland.

Micaël Florentz (FR)

is a freelance artist living in Brussels, born in France. He is coming from a musical background and dedicated himself over the last years to his proper music compositions (guitar, voice, electronic music). About four years ago he was introduced to the dance field through an informal and spontaneous way. Upon that he dived into a profound physical research and developed his background through autonomous training, following classes, workshops and the foundation of Tumbleweed. The same curiosity that he is manifesting for all kind of different sound creations, he brings along into the choreographic research and on top of that a solid knowledge of composition.

collaborating artists:


LIGHT DESIGN / SCENOGRAPHY : Arnaud created together with Benjamin the light design for The Gyre. He is also active in the field of installation and photography, and works as a light designer with Louise Vanneste / Rising Horses.


LIGHT DESIGN / SCENOGRAPHY : Benjamin created together with Arnaud the light design for The Gyre. He works as a freelance light and stage designer and participated in different creations in Belgium and abroad, among them LOG asbl, Company Louise Vanneste, Cie Mauro Paccagnella, Company Orange Sanguine.


MUSIC : Daniel is a composer in the field of accousmatic music and created the soundscape of The Gyre. His compositions cover different domaines in the arts, as concert, radio, dance, theater and film.