Based in between Zurich and Brussels, Tumbleweed is a collaboration between the Swiss choreographer and dancer Angela Rabaglio and French choreographer/dancer and musician Micaël Florentz. Both were brought through different ways to the field of choreography and complete each other with their respective backgrounds. They founded Tumbleweed in 2017 and started developing its artistic vision.THE GYRE is their first production. It defines already extensively the choreographers’ interests and ambitions: they develop a movement language inspired by their travels, by science, nature and philosophy.

up-coming dates

20 – 20 January 2021

Dehors est blancshowing
Mars – Focus No Tech, Mons (Belgium)

08 – 8 February 2021

The Gyreshort version
Tanzbiennale Heidelberg, Heidelberg (Germany)

24 – 24 March 2021

The Gyrelong version
CCN Tours, Tours (France)

22 – 24 April 2021

The Gyrelong version
Les Brigittines, Brussels (Belgium)

16 – 23 May 2021

The Gyreshort version
Festival Danse de tous les sens, Falaise (France)

12 – 15 August 2021

The Gyrelong version
Festival Castrum, Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland)

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