a different kind of space

work-in progress ; Dehors est blanc / choreographic installation

last month, in January 2021, we had the chance to be in residency on MARS with our project DEHORS EST BLANC – a choreographic installation, exploring movement in a different range and density.

this time we decided to invite a third performer in and asked Sergi Parés to join us and he definitely rocked it. Unfortunately we couldn’t make a public showing as initially planned, but we were lucky enough to share the outcome with a professional public. it was crucial for us, to understand how to invite the observer into this experience and this sharing gave us important feedbacks on how to go on…

at this moment we are looking for more residency time, as well as co-productions to support us financially, in order to develop further the choreographic and dramaturgic writing.

for more information, please contact us directly : contact@cietumbleweed.com

photo credits : Arnaud Gerniers